Street fundraising Site Management Agreement in Barnstaple signed

Barnstaple High Street

Posted on: 6 October 2016

A new street fundraising Site Management Agreement (SMA) with North Devon Council and the Institute of Fundraising (IoF) has been agreed and signed . The SMA will come into effect on 10th October and will initially run for a 6 month basis.

The strong, voluntary agreement between charities, North Devon Council and the Institute of Fundraising’s Compliance Directorate will manage when, where and how many fundraisers can operate in the town centre.  There will be no fundraising for 5 days a week and the total number of fundraisers in the town centre will be limited to 4, spread over 2 sites at any one time.  As with all SMAs, the agreement will be backed up by the street fundraising rule book, where members will incur financial penalties for breaches in the rules.

Speaking about the agreement, the IoF’s Director of Compliance Peter Hills-Jones, said: “We are very pleased to be working with North Devon Council and charities to introduce this agreement which ensures a well-managed approach to fundraising in Barnstaple.  Charities rely on the generous support of the public, and this latest Site Management Agreement ensures that fundraising can continue in a way that is in everyone’s interests.”

North Devon Council’s Executive member for regulatory services, Councillor Pat Barker, said: “We really appreciate and support the vibrancy of our town centre, which benefits both our local businesses and our shoppers. Street fundraising adds to the atmosphere, although we are conscious of the need to manage the level of fundraising that goes on in the centre. Therefore, this new SMA will help to do that, whilst also making it fair to all fundraisers that wish to come to our town.”

The agreement with North Devon Council will mean that there are now 120 Site Management Agreements in place across the UK with the support of local authorities and charities.  Evidence shows a significant fall in complaints in areas where SMAs have been introduced.  Nearly 90% of councils surveyed would say that they would recommend an SMA to other local authorities.

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