Plans for more digital services move forward

Posted on: 5 September 2016

Plans to provide more online, self-service for North Devon Council customers took a step forward today (5 September 2016).

Members of the Executive committee approved a project that will see new technology installed to give customers better online access to council services and information.

Customers will be able to track the status of their enquiries, carry out more complex transactions and get more information specific to them via the council’s website.

It will also cut out duplication and paperwork as the website will connect directly to background systems instead of needing manual intervention in between.

And customers that choose to visit or phone the council will also benefit as customer service staff will be able to provide them with a more extensive range of services and information using the same system.

Lead Member for Service Delivery Cllr Glyn Lane says: “The investment in this technology will mean an improved service for our customers. They’ll be able to carry out a majority of their business with the council online, at their convenience. This will reduce waiting times and free up our frontline staff to devote more time to people with more complex enquiries.”

The first phase of the new self-service system will be in place by 1 April next year. It is expected to take up to two years to integrate with all council services fully.

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