Batteries and small electrical items soon to be added to recycling list

Small waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)Small waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)

Posted on: 25 July 2016

You will soon be able to recycle more as part of your kerbside collections in North Devon, as batteries and small electrical items are added to the list.

From Monday 22 August, North Devon Council is increasing the variety of items it can collect from your weekly recycling collections. This will mean you can put out all types of batteries, as well as small waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). This includes:

  • small kitchen appliances (such as kettles, toasters, irons)
  • hairdryers, straighteners and clippers
  • clocks, watches, calculators and torches
  • remote controls, laptops, mobile phones, cameras
  • small flat screen TVs and monitors
  • radios, CD players and MP3 players
  • small electronic toys (such as remote control cars)
  • small power tools, smoke detectors
  • household batteries, but not car batteries

All items should be no larger than a carrier bag.

Executive Member for environment, Councillor Rodney Cann, said:  “This is another step forward in enhancing our weekly recycling service in North Devon. I believe this will help towards meeting our 50% rate by 2020, but if we are to reach this, we really need everyone to get on board and make full use of our comprehensive service. It won’t stop here of course – and I am looking forward to providing further improvements to our service over the coming months.”

When the extended service begins on Monday 22 August, small WEEE can be put into your recycling box. Batteries can also go in recycling boxes. However, these should be placed in a carrier bag first, to keep them separate from other items. (Please note, carrier bags will not be recycled.)

If households want a second recycling box, they can request one online at or by phoning 01271 374776. There is also further information about WEEE and battery recycling on the council’s website.

Larger WEEE items (such as cookers, vacuum cleaners, medium and large-sized TVs) cannot be recycled at the kerbside. Instead, you can take these to Devon County Council recycling centres (at Killacleave in Ilfracombe, Seven Brethren in Barnstaple and Maclins in South Molton).

If you prefer, you can arrange for a bulky waste collection, where North Devon Council can collect your larger items from the kerbside. There is a charge for this service. Again, further information about bulky waste is on the council’s website.

4 comments on “Batteries and small electrical items soon to be added to recycling list

  1. Mark Alcock says:

    Excellent news for those residents who want to do their bit for the environment and recycle as much as they can. I would also fully endorse previous comments and the need to be able to recycle Tetra Paks at the kerbside. It would also be good if NDC could find a way of recycling black plastic as I currently have to recycle this at Killacleave recycling centre

    • Communications says:

      Thanks for your post, Mark. Please see our response to the previous post above about Tetra-Pak.
      Sadly, black plastic is very hard to recycle and can have a significant impact on other plastics when they are mixed together. This is because, like a palette of paint, when you mix lighter colours together, you can reuse it. However, if you add black to the mixture, it remains black and there is very little you can do to get it back to a purer colour (in plastic terms, this significantly limits what the recycled plastic can be used for and is therefore not accepted by our buyer). I hope this explains the situation. However, again, we continue to look at all opportunities for the future.

  2. Hazel Short says:

    Please can you start collecting Tetra packs ( juice and milk cartons etc ) currently I save them up and take them
    To the collecting bin at the dump but so many must be put into landfill

    • Communications says:

      Hello Hazel, thank you for your post. Tetra-Paks are made from 70 to 90% paperboard, which is recyclable, just like any other paper or card. However, the cartons also have layers of polyethylene (a type of plastic) and aluminum. Unfortunately, this mixture of different materials means it is more costly to separate and, as such, we do not have a buyer for the items here in North Devon. We are always looking at opportunities to enable more people to recycle more of their rubbish – and Tetra-Pak is one item we will continue to review, in the hope we will one day be able to secure a buyer who can recycle them effectively.
      In the meantime, and as you mentioned, Tetra-Paks can be taken to recycling centres in Seven Brethren, Killacleave in Ilfracombe and Maclins in South Molton. These are run by Devon County Council, who have been able to secure a contract with a buyer as they cover a larger area, making it more efficient for them. Thank you for playing your vital part and recycling them at one of these sites.

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