Consultation begins on proposed night-time closure for market

Posted on: 18 July 2016

A public consultation is about to begin on proposals that could see Barnstaple Pannier Market closed at night-time.

North Devon Council, which owns the market, is asking for views on potentially putting a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) in place. This would restrict people from gathering in the market, by closing public access in the evenings and overnight.

Councillor Pat Barker, Executive member for community safety, said: “Unfortunately, there has been a long history of anti-social behaviour incidents reported in the market in the evenings, such as vandalism, arson and rough sleeping. However, as there is a public right of way, it is very difficult for us to address and prevent these cases. Now though, a new provision has been made in the law, called the Public Spaces Protection Order, which could help us restrict access when the market is not open. Therefore, we’re keen to hear what local people, businesses and other organisations think about us going down this route.”

Barnstaple Central ward member, Councillor Faye Webber, said: “As the local ward member, we’ve been trying to get a night-time market closure in place for many years. This is because we’ve been concerned at the issues anti-social behaviour causes and the impact it can have, not only on our own staff who set up the tables first thing in the mornings, but also to traders and shoppers, and the police and fire who are called out to deal with incidents. Of course, some people may have different views, so it’s important everyone takes part in the consultation, so all opinions can be considered.”

Barnstaple Central ward member, Councillor Adam Bradford, said: “We often hear of anti-social behaviour at the market overnight, with damage being caused. Therefore, a Public Spaces Protection Order could enable the council to address this issue, preventing further damage and protecting the public building. If agreed, the Order will last for three years, with the potential to extend it, if appropriate. So it’s important people have their say now so their views can form part of any future decision.”

The consultation opens on Thursday 21 July and will be available on the council’s website, with local people, shoppers, traders and other businesses and organisations all being encouraged to have their say. The deadline to respond is Thursday 6 October.

Following the consultation, all responses will then be analysed, before a further report is put to councillors to decide whether to go ahead with pursuing the Order.

10 comments on “Consultation begins on proposed night-time closure for market

  1. Hilary Gilham says:

    As a business owner of two businesses either end of the market I’m against the closure for obvious reasons, mainly that my businesses rely on passing trade through the market. How does pushing the problem elsewhere help? It doesn’t solve anything and a Not In My Backyard mentality is not helpful. All of the businesses in Market Street will suffer and if no-one is considering them, why are we paying business rates? The police should be patrolling the area if there is a problem. I also point out how many visitors pass through the market at night taking photos. It is a public space to be enjoyed, not locked up.

  2. Elizabeth Wakley says:

    YES to the Market being closed at nights. I trade at the Market & when we arrive at 4.30am we are often greeted by rubbish, human waste, homeless asleep & not happy at being woken, fire damage, drunks who get violent, needles, sick, & general damage to the building & fixtures. This building is ment to be the jewel of Barnstaple. We have now lost Butchers Row ( sadly no butchers will be trading there within the month ) so everyone PLEASE help us to protect & cherish this Gorgeous building for the people of Barnstaple, the traders, the visitors & the heritage of a rare, unique, beautiful Pannier Market.

  3. Paula Miotello says:

    This is long overdue and I am sure it is not in the market staffs job description that they have to clean up vomit…urine…defecation…needles and the like.
    It is such a beautiful building it should be treated with the respect it deserves, which, at present just isn”t happening.

  4. Mark Tanner says:

    I think it would be a great shame to lose access to the Pannier Market in the evening. I have been using the space on an almost daily basis for over 10 years now and public disorder is relatively rare. Many holidaymakers pass through, taking photographs and surely returning during the day? Most of the teenagers that use the market are very well behaved, and in an age of online social media, I think that having a covered space where they can physically interact with their peers is very important.

  5. Cris Wells says:

    I think it would be a good move, retaining the buildings use as a market is the important factor, the traders should not have to encounter problems before starting their days trading, access to the surrounding area is still good. The pannier market at Great Torrington is closed at night without any problems.

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