Decision on future waste and recycling collections deferred

Posted on: 4 July 2016

A decision on the future of rubbish collections in North Devon has been put back one month, so that councillors can have more details on the proposed options.

Today (Monday 4 July), members of North Devon Council’s Executive met to consider three outline options, as part of a drive to meet national recycling targets and reduce the cost of the service. These options are:

Option 1 – to introduce a chargeable garden waste service for those households that wish to have the service and, at the same time, introduce a weekly food collection service for all homes

Option 2 – as option 1 above, as well as lifting a restriction on the amount of cardboard that can be put out for collection, but enforcing a ‘no side waste’ policy for all other rubbish that is left out of bins and boxes

Option 3 – as options 1 and 2 above, but also moving non-recyclable rubbish collections (black bins) from fortnightly to three-weekly (one every three weeks)

At today’s meeting, councillors also heard from East Devon District Council, which has already started running a pilot scheme on three-weekly non-recyclable rubbish collections.

Having considered the outline options, North Devon councillors agreed to defer a final decision until next month, where they requested a more comprehensive report on how option 3 could be rolled out.

Executive Member for Environment, Councillor Rodney Cann, said: “East Devon District Council’s presentation today showed how, despite initial concerns from some local people, customer satisfaction of households within the three-weekly trial area was actually very good. Although this is very promising to hear, we want to make sure this potential service delivery is right for us here. Therefore, we have asked for more details as to how this service could work and how we may be able to roll this out across the district, taking into account different issues and scenarios that may arise.”

The current recycling rate for North Devon is around 44%, with the government setting a target for councils to reach 50% by 2020. The options being put forward will also help to meet the financial savings target of at least £340,000 annually, which the council has identified as needed from April 2017.

The future of the service will next be considered by Executive members on 1 August, with councillors also requesting home composting be further investigated ahead of the meeting.

Depending on which option councillors decide, any future changes are likely to be introduced from the spring of 2017.

Once further details are confirmed, these will be placed on the council’s website, with updates issued throughout the process to keep North Devon households informed.

4 comments on “Decision on future waste and recycling collections deferred

  1. Mark Burrows says:

    I’m sorry but you are soooo wrong. East Devon is not a hotbed of happiness. You will end up costing us more because you cannot research anything outside of the extremely consevative ideas you are willing to consider.

    It maybe revolutionary, but market forces are not always the best. A root and branch reorganisation of the curtent methodology revolving around the current timings is what is required.

    Personally I am tired of litter floating down the street after the passing of your sorting vans have dumped what they do not consider to be recycling on the pavement.

    The council is acting disgracefully.

    • North Devon Council says:

      I am sorry to learn of your dissatisfaction. I have forwarded your comments to our feedback team, who will acknowledge and respond to you personally. Thank you.

    • Mark Burrows says:

      I’m sorry Amy, if I have been misunderstood. Your operarives cannot help but spill litter. It is the system that is as fault! There is no point in passing on my comments as if it were a complaint. The issue is political and lies with the council members.

    • Amy says:

      Hello Mr Burrows. I have cancelled your comments as a complaint, but I will forward them on to our Executive Member for Environment accordingly. Thank you.

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