Future of rubbish collections to be considered

Posted on: 24 June 2016

Councillors are being asked to consider three options, which could change the future of rubbish collections in North Devon.

On Monday 4 July, Members of North Devon Council’s Executive will be meeting to discuss the service, as part of a drive to meet national recycling targets and reduce the cost of the service.

Members will consider three outline options. These are:

Option 1 – to introduce a chargeable garden waste service for those households that wish to have the service and, at the same time, introduce a weekly food collection service for all homes

Option 2 – as option 1 above, as well as lifting a restriction on the amount of cardboard that can be put out for collection, but enforcing a ‘no side waste’ policy for all other rubbish that is left out of bins and boxes

Option 3 – as options 1 and 2 above, but also moving non-recyclable rubbish collections (black bins) from fortnightly to three-weekly (one every three weeks)

Executive Member for Environment, Councillor Rodney Cann, said: “Like other councils, we need to meet or exceed the statutory recycling rate of 50% by 2020. However, we’re still some way off that target, so we need to take action now to address this.

“The options we are being asked to consider are likely to mean changes to the future delivery of the service, which will see varying increases in our recycling rate. Although these options will mean some people will need to change their habits, we know many are already making good use of our existing waste and recycling service. Therefore, with more people getting involved in recycling, I am hopeful whichever option we decide will help us towards meeting the statutory recycling rate.”

The options being put forward will also help to meet the financial savings target of at least £340,000 annually, which the council has identified as needed from April 2017.

Depending on which outline option Members decide, the council will then continue to develop the plans to deliver the future changes. These are likely to be introduced from the spring of 2017.

Once further details are confirmed, these will be placed on the council’s websiteRecycle More, with updates issued throughout the process to keep North Devon households informed.

8 comments on “Future of rubbish collections to be considered

  1. Jane Benyon says:

    Recycling could be improved by ensuring that waste actually goes into the recycling vehicle, as much is dropped leaving streets looking badly littered. Time & effort could also be saved if properties were not missed necessitating return visits.Perhaps a different system of collection should be considered.I believe that some councils collect all the recycled waste in one bin and then sort it out at a dedicated centre.

  2. D.Gooding says:

    New Garden Waste proposals
    In my area the council request that bins are put out by seven am,( although it is sometimes afternoon before they are emptied) therefore most bins are out the night before, how is the council intending to ‘police’ garden waste fly tipped into the bins legitimately registered, so allowing the ‘perpetrators’ to dispose of their own garden waste for free in the same way that a skip, paid for by the customer,gets filled with other people’s rubbish?…. I don’t think a mere sticker on the registered bin will be a deterrent….Wasps to jampots comes to mind…..

  3. D.JAGO says:

    With reference to garden waste. Have you given any thought to those elderly people who cannot get around who have gardens? Also there are many families who do not have cars who rely on public transport and therefore are unable to take the waste to the local centre. Why should they be discriminated against by making them pay for their garden waste to be disposed of. If they all burnt their waste there would be complaints of smoke causing washing to smell, etc, etc. What are they supposed to do, tell the garden to stop growing ???
    I would suggest if you want to cut costs, you could better enforce the “rules” already set out. Target those who refuse to recycle. I know several. So do you. Go and knock on their doors rather than sit comfortably behind a council desk taking the easy way out by making those of us who do our best be more inconvenienced.

    • Amy says:

      Thank you for your comment. We will forward your post on to our Waste and Recycling Service.

  4. Mrs A Rawlings says:

    Three weeks is far too long between rubbish collections – especially in an area like Ilfracombe, with a seagull problem. People living in flats have no choice but to put their rubbish out weekly – please continue to collect weekly.

    • Amy says:

      Thank you for your post. We will forward your comment on to our Waste and Recycling Service.

  5. Pam Ley says:

    So all green waste, whichever option will be chargeable? Is that correct? What about taking your own green waste to the recycling centre? Are the plans to charge there as well?
    Starting to wonder why we pay rates at all, perhaps they should be reduced.

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