Still time to have a say on CCTV consultation

Barnstaple High Street

Posted on: 10 May 2016

Residents have until the end of the month to share their views on plans to streamline the CCTV service in North Devon.

The public consultation is part of a service review by North Devon Council, with the authority currently monitoring over 100 cameras across Barnstaple and Ilfracombe, some of which are owned by third parties.

Executive Member responsible for community safety, Councillor Pat Barker, said: “The discretionary service cost more than £209,000 last year. With that in mind, we are keen to make sure the service is running as efficiently as possible, whilst exploring possible future savings and opportunities. We therefore want to hear from local businesses and members of the public on our proposals, so that we can take their views into account when identifying a way forward.”

The proposals being put forward in the consultation include:

  • streamlining the current 24 hour service, which operates across parts of Barnstaple and Ilfracombe
  • networking the Ilfracombe Harbour cameras with a centrally located control room
  • providing ongoing support to an existing shop/pub radio scheme in North Devon
  • investigating what further opportunities there are to commercialise aspects of the CCTV service

The consultation started on Tuesday 19 April and will end on Tuesday 31 May. To view and comment on the full details of the proposals, please go the council’s Public consultations webpage.

2 comments on “Still time to have a say on CCTV consultation

  1. Holly says:

    Thank you for your comment. You can take part in the consultation using the link above.

  2. Mark Burrows says:

    I am afraid that North Devon does not require “Big Brother” surveillance at all. Scrap the lot and save some money so it can be spent reducing despicable car parking charges that are strangling North Devon’s town centres of business.

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