Consultation begins on CCTV service

Barnstaple High Street

Posted on: 21 April 2016

A consultation is underway on the future of a North Devon CCTV service.

The consultation is part of a service review by North Devon Council, taking into account the cost of the discretionary service, as well as the current and future need of CCTV.

The proposals being consulted on include:

  • streamlining the current 24 hour service, which operates across parts of Barnstaple and Ilfracombe
  • networking the Ilfracombe Harbour cameras with a centrally located control room
  • providing ongoing support to an existing shop/pub radio scheme in North Devon
  • investigating what further opportunities there are to commercialise aspects of the CCTV service

Head of Environmental Health and Housing Services, Jeremy Mann, says: “We have more than 100 cameras across Barnstaple and Ilfracombe that we currently monitor from our council control room, some of which are owned by third parties. However, with running costs for the last year coming in at more than £209,000, we need to ensure the service is running as efficiently as possible and make sure it is financially viable.  Therefore, we’re eager to explore savings and opportunities for the future and want to hear from stakeholders, local tradespeople and members of the public, to see whether the service meets their needs and the impact they believe the proposals could have. By doing this we can make an informed decision and identify what our next steps will be.”

The consultation started on Tuesday (19 April) and will run for six weeks until Tuesday 31 May. You can view and comment on the full details of the proposals by going to the council’s Public consultations webpage.

A summary of responses, including the next steps, will be published in due course, with any changes to the service to go before the council’s Executive members.

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