Celebration to mark Local Nature Reserve Status for North Devon woodland

Posted on: 14 April 2016

A celebration is planned to mark the award of Local Nature Reserve Status (LNR) to a North Devon woodland.

Cairn Woodland in Ilfracombe has just been awarded the status by Natural England. To mark the achievement, North Devon Council and the Cairn Conservation Carers are inviting local residents to come along to a special celebration on Sunday 24 April at 11am.

The free event at the woodland will include the unveiling of the sign marking the new status. This will be followed by a walk around the woodland and refreshments at the Roundhouse.

North Devon Council’s Executive Member responsible for parks, leisure and culture, Councillor Dick Jones, says: “It’s great news that our application for LNR status has been accepted. The status recognises the importance of the woodland as a habitat for wildlife and for the wellbeing and enjoyment of local people. The woodland is a credit to the council, who are extremely grateful to the Cairn Conservation Carers for the invaluable work and support they have provided over the years in helping to look after and maintain the woodland.”

Local ward member, Councillor Ian Meadlarkin, says: “I remember my time at Cairn Woodland as a child with fond memories and it’s great news for it to be awarded nature reserve status. It will be there for the enjoyment of our children and grandchildren for many years to come.”

Local ward member, Councillor Geoff Fowler, says: “This awarded status is a credit to all the local volunteers of the group that have worked tirelessly on the Cairn to recreate its former accessibility as a woodland for all to enjoy. It is also another piece in the greater jigsaw of Ilfracombe’s regeneration process.”

The woodland has been managed by the council since 1974. Conservation work at the woodland is carried out by The Cairn Conservation Carers. Their work includes footpath maintenance, installation and repairing of steps and benches, habitat creation, surveys of flora and fauna, as well as bat and bug hunts.

Anybody who would like to get involved with the work of the group can do so by contacting parks@northdevon.gov.uk

Please note, car parking is not provided at the woodland.

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