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Posted on: 24 February 2016

Car parking charges in North Devon are being reviewed as part of a strategy that aims to ease congestion and streamline the cost of parking across the district.

Charges have not increased for six years, whilst the running costs of the car parks have increased by £200,000.

Councillors will decide next week whether or not to implement the same pattern of charges across the majority of North Devon Council car parks, to overcome confusion caused by the number of charge variations that currently exist.

It’s proposed short stay charges will increase slightly to encourage more people to use long stay car parks if they are planning on staying for more than a couple of hours.

Year-on-year increases in car park usage means many people struggle to find a parking space in short stay town centre car parks.

If approved, the main features of the new strategy will be:

  • all car parks will be charged from 8am to 6pm
  • a 10p per hour increase in short stay car parks, rising to 20p per hour increase after four hours
  • long stay permits will remain unchanged in almost all circumstances
  • long stay car park charges will increase by 10p per day
  • long stay car parks will be free on Sundays

North Devon Council Leader Des Brailey says: “Our main town centre car parks are over capacity whilst those on the periphery have spaces. We need to encourage people staying for any length of time to use our long stay car parks to ease the congestion in our short stay facilities. We also need to streamline the charges to reduce the risk of people being confused about different charges across our car parks.

“Putting car park charges up is something nobody ever wants to do, but they have remained the same for six years, whilst the costs of running our car parks have increased by 22%.

“We are offering a viable, cheaper alternative in our long stay car parks, some of which are within easy walking distance from the main town centres.”

The North Devon Council Executive will make a decision on the new strategy on Tuesday 1 March.

4 comments on “Car parking charges reviewed

  1. Julie Dennis says:

    I am new to Appledore having moved into the Quay in April of 2016 from Oxfordshire. I am a disabled singer songwriter and I moved here to be near my family and for respite having been very unwell for some time. My landlord and my my neighbours are great people as are most of the people I talk to and I was immediately made to feel welcome in the area.

    However, when it comes to the procedures of the council, their duty of care in delivering or not care in the community and their parking strategy with regard to residents( particularly disabled residents) has been an exercise in crisis management. On day one I was given a parking ticket out side my own home despite my car having had a blue badge displayed where i thought I was able to park as I was not causing an obstruction and I live right by parking services. The confusion about the use of this space and the time taken to actually have the space created has been a constantly confusing and tickets tended to happen as I was confused by the advice of parking services as to when I could or could not park in the interim outside my own home.
    I also have a very invasive loading bay outside my door that I am not allowed to park in and where if I do park I am immediately ticketed. i have had ten. Huge lorries park outside my limited front space where My plants are suffering badly and where I cannot hear myself think. Every morning I am woken by the sound of lorries and once by the milk delivery at 5.30 despite it being illegal for them to do so.

    Living in Appledore has become a slow and constant torture to endure the noise and pollution and despite some relief eventually being given (after 12 months) by my landlord in the form of secondary glazing in my bedrooms, the damage has already been done.

    This is a long story and cannot be only mine. There is no consideration for residents on the quay in Appledore and we don’t seem to matter because so much of parking strategy seems to be about making money. To make the quay pedestrian and provide disabled parking for residents near their home and general parking for longer term residents seems to be such an obvious solution that one had to wonder about the resistance to the solution.

    As it is I am constantly harassed by bailiffs on a daily basis. I am not given access to legal remedy or to have my day in court. Devon Parking do not r respond to any challenge legal or other, I am not given the opportunity to state my case, I am ignored by the legal department as I try to explain that I cannot pay the parking tickets as I can never be sure that I won’t get one on a daily basis as my condition does not allow for me to always come out at three hourly intervals to change the position of my car. Often there is nowhere to park anyway and often I am too unwell to walk from parking I might find a half a mile away.

    So I am off from North Devon..I cannot cope and have been harassed out of town.

    people ask why I would not stay in such a paradise. I just smile and say..not for me..Not for the disabled. Not for the vulnerable…

    Hey Ho

  2. Holly says:

    Thank you for your comment.

    We offer different ways to pay for parking at our car parks across the district, including pay by phone and pay on exit. Permits are also available if you are a regular user of our car parks. More information can be found on our website

  3. E. Lavery says:

    Will we see the introduction of machines which give change? The rip-off has gone on long enough! Time to catch up with our European neighbours.

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