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Posted on: 14 January 2016

This week sees the launch of North Devon Council’s first mobile app – ‘The Noise App’.

Following a successful trial by the council, local residents with a smartphone or tablet can now download the free app and use it to submit evidence in relation to an alleged noise nuisance, once it has been reported to the council.

Reporting of a noise nuisance to the council is still done in the same way. However, residents now have the option of using the app to log when the noise happens and also to record it. Using the app doesn’t replace noise monitoring visits by council officers to determine whether a statutory noise nuisance exists, but it makes it easier for residents to provide evidence to support their allegations.

Lead Member for Community Safety at North Devon Council, Councillor Pat Barker, says: “The council is committed to using new technology to benefit local residents and hopefully make things easier for them to contact us. The app is straightforward to use and makes it easy to log dates and times, as well as take recordings if people wish to send them to us electronically. I’m sure it will be the first of many apps that we can use.”

A noise nuisance is more than annoyance and much more than just detection of a noise. It is a significant and unreasonable noise that affects you in a significant and unreasonable way. The council can look into noise nuisance caused by music, DIY, motors or barking dogs.

Anybody who has concerns about noise can find out more on the Environment pages of our website.

7 comments on “First mobile app for council

  1. Steve W says:

    Will there be an app for Windows Phone users?

  2. David Griffin says:

    I wonder if you could please tell me how to download this app.
    Many thanks.

    • Amy says:

      Hello David. You can download the free app on either iPhone or Android. Simply go to the Play Store (or sometimes just called Store) on your mobile and search for The Noise App.
      Otherwise you can go to and download the app from the website.
      Please be aware although you can download it and use it straight away, you cannot submit the information to us without having first made a request for service in relation to a noise complaint.
      Hope that explains things. Thanks.

  3. lfb says:

    About time I have had a problem for nearly 2 years with a howling dog hope this works as good as they hope

  4. Leslie Nicholson says:

    What a brilliant idea, unsociable acts like starting bonfires, barking dogs, can ruin people lives.
    congrats to our council for the forward thinking, and looking after our environment

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