Reminder to recycle this Christmas

Posted on: 18 December 2015

With just one week to go, people are being reminded to carry on recycling over Christmas and be reassured that North Devon Council will be out to collect their festive leftovers.

It’s expected more waste than usual will be placed out for collection between Christmas and New Year, as a result of extra presents, food, drink and gatherings. Plus, with three bank holidays coming up, the council’s waste and recycling crews will be catching up on rounds, with some double collections set to take place.

To cope with the expected increase in rubbish, the council will be using larger refuse lorries to pick up some recycling, instead of its usual recycling lorries. With this in mind, residents are being reassured these items won’t be going to landfill but will be recycled as usual.

Executive Member for Environment, Councillor Rodney Cann, says: “We expect an increase in the number of households putting out recycling over Christmas and New Year and this is to be encouraged. However, if you see a refuse lorry picking up your recycling, please don’t despair – it will be recycled. We are using the larger vehicles purely to help us transport the high volume of materials, so we don’t want anyone mistaking this for us throwing their recycling away.”

Any recycling collected by a refuse vehicle will be co-mingled, which means mixed together with other recyclable materials. However, the majority of recycling will still be collected by the council’s recycling vehicles. Therefore, residents are being asked to continue separating their recycling in the correct containers (such as their recycling box, brown and green bags). From Monday 11 January 2016, all recycling collections will return to being hand-sorted at the kerbside.

Meanwhile, people are being reminded of some of the festive items that can be recycled. These include:

  • Christmas cards – to go in brown bags
  • Christmas card envelopes – to go in green bags
  • Food waste, including turkey bones – to go in green bins/kerbside caddies
  • Real Christmas trees – to be cut up and put in green bins – please ensure lids are closed
  • Cardboard – to go in brown bags (up to two bags per household). If you have a large quantity of cardboard, please contact us so we can arrange a free bulky cardboard collection or take it to recycling centres in North Devon.

Please note, we are no longer able to take wrapping paper.

To find out collection days over the festive period, please go to the council’s website The webpage also gives households the opportunity to download and print off a refuse collection calendar, specifically for their property.

If residents want a collection calendar but do not have access to a computer, they can contact Customer Services on 01271 374776 or email who will arrange for a copy to be sent to them.

2 comments on “Reminder to recycle this Christmas

  1. Roger Warren says:

    This link

    doesn’t work!!!

    Any chance of fixing it?

    • Amy says:

      Hello Roger.
      Apologies, our website is currently down. Our team is working on the issue and we hope it will be up and running shortly. In the meantime, if you have any queries about your collection days, please let us know. You may also find this poster on our Facebook page helpful. Thanks.

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