Woodville’s looking wonderful following litter pick event

Staff and councillors from North Devon Council, North Devon Homes and McDonald’s

Posted on: 10 December 2015

The last in a series of community litter pick events has taken place at Woodville in Barnstaple.

Last week, local councillors and staff from North Devon Council joined forces with North Devon Homes and McDonald’s to tidy up the area. The ‘Love where you live’ campaign, to raise awareness of the damage and cost of dropping litter, has been sponsored by local McDonald’s francishee, David Hunt.

Having finished at Woodville and with time to spare, the team moved on to the area behind Sainsbury’s in Roundswell. A total of 17 bags were collected during the course of the morning.

Executive Member for Environment, Councillor Rodney Cann, says: “It was encouraging to find that the Woodville estate was actually relatively litter free and with just a little clearing from us, it’s now looking spotless. It’s clear that residents in Woodville take pride in their area. I have really enjoyed these three litter pick events and hope that we can do more next year to tackle litter and encourage people to love where they live.”

Local McDonald’s Franchisee, David Hunt, says: “A great conclusion to a long running campaign and it has been a true pleasure to be involved in a scheme that raises the social responsibility of the community in tackling this issue. McDonald’s is really proud of all of our efforts in the North Devon area, thank you again to the volunteers that have taken to time to help with our three events this year.”

Marc Rostock, Director of Neighbourhoods at North Devon Homes, says: “North Devon Homes is proud to have been involved in the ‘Love where you live’ litter picks. This campaign offers everyone a chance to make a real difference to the area in which they live. It is fantastic to see how much can be achieved when everyone works together to improve their local community.”

Local ward member Cllr Dick Jones, says: “It was most gratifying to see that, despite the ongoing construction work in Woodville, the streets and grass verges were generally in good order and free of all but the smallest amounts of litter which we were very happy to remove. This clearly demonstrates the pride that residents of Woodville have in their homes and their community, a clear and most welcome commitment which could be emulated by some other communities.”

Local ward member, Cllr Des Brailey, says: “I was more than happy to assist with this litter pick. It was good to see how caring the local residents have been with regard to their area because it was fairly litter free and that is a credit to the local community.”

If you would like to organise your own community litter pick event, the council may be able to help with equipment. Please contact Helen Morse at North Devon Council on 01271 318509 or email helen.morse@northdevon.gov.uk.

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