New checks for local taxi services

Posted on: 30 November 2015

New checks for local taxi services have been introduced across North Devon.

As part of an incentive to keep taxi standards high, North Devon Council has replaced their annual road side vehicle checks with new more thorough inspections by MOT trained officers at the council. These inspections include checking things like steering, lights, seat-belts, and brakes.

Licensing Committee Chairman, Councillor Jasmine Chesters, says: “The new vehicle checks have proved to be very successful since their introduction earlier this year in ensuring high safety standards are maintained. We can now elevate vehicles on our ramps to undertake more robust checks, and since we are now privy to MOT advisories, we can carry out the inspections in a more risk based manner.”

With the festive period just around the corner, passengers are also being encouraged to double-check the taxi and private hire services they use are licensed. Passengers are also being advised to beware of unlicensed and illegal lifts being offered for free on social media sites. This is because there are risks to passengers using unlicensed vehicles, for example through lack of appropriate insurance cover and with unlicensed drivers not being subject to the same vetting procedure on criminal records and medical fitness.

Passengers can make sure vehicles are displaying a licence plate on the back of the vehicle. Drivers should also have an identity badge. To see what the plates look like, go to the council’s website.

To report cases of unlicensed activity, please call 01271 388870 or email

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