Are you ready to go to the polls?

Posted on: 8 April 2015

With the general, district and parish elections fast approaching, North Devon Council is reminding you to make sure you are ready to vote.

The council has been sending out poll cards since Thursday 26 March to residents across the district who are eligible to vote and have registered.

Anyone who is aged 18 or over will be able to vote on election day, Thursday 7 May, providing they have registered. Anybody who hasn’t yet registered has until 20 April to do so or risk losing their chance to vote.

Judith Dark, Electoral Services Manager at North Devon Council, says: “We don’t want any North Devon resident who wants to vote to be turned away on the day so make sure you are registered. In past elections we have received a number of calls on the day from people who have gone to a polling station only to find that they cannot vote.

“Anybody who can’t make it to the polling station should talk to a member of the elections team who can discuss the alternatives that are available to them so that they can still have their say.”

Absent votes are available from the council for people who can’t get to the polling station on the day. Applications can be made for a postal vote or for someone else to vote on their behalf, known as a proxy vote. The two can also be combined, so someone completing a proxy vote can also do this by post.

For more information about registering to vote or applying for an absent vote please contact the elections team on 01271 388277, email or go to

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