Consultation (closed)

Frequently asked questions

How will the Council support me if the current community meals service is stopped?

If you are assessed under Fair Access to Care criteria as needing support to get a meal you will still get the support you need.

If you already receive a community meal we will review and reassess your needs. We will telephone you to arrange a convenient time for us to conduct a review, either by telephone or in person if needed.

The review will be carried out by us together with voluntary sector colleagues. It will help you to choose an option that best meets your individual needs.

This could be:

  • Advice to help you find out what options are available to you locally
  • Support to help you access those services
  • Support to re-heat a frozen meal if you are eligible under the Fair Access to Care criteria

What if people are unhappy with their new arrangements and need help to sort things out?

If you make a choice that does not suit you and you need support to make a different choice, contact us on 0845 1551 007 and we will help you review your meal arrangements.

What will happen next?

We want to make sure that everyone who may be affected by the changes has the opportunity to have their say. When the consultation closes on 10 March 2014, a report will be produced on what people have told us. We will then consider the best way forward.