Will any libraries close?

At this stage, we are seeking views from local communities on the proposals we have set out. When the period of public consultation has ended in mid-July, we will look at all the responses we have received and will put forward a definitive set of proposals to the Council’s Cabinet in September.

We hope that communities across Devon will want to talk to us about ideas on how we could work together to sustain libraries in local communities, particularly those in the 28 locations identified as potentially community-led libraries. There are many imaginative approaches which could be taken to sustain library services in the future. We are very happy to talk with any organisation or local community which has an idea they think is worth exploring. We are confident that, by working together, we can find appropriate solutions for all communities who wish to sustain library services in their area.

We expect that we would offer a range of support to community-led libraries, which could include training and access to new and circulating book stock. Each model is likely to be different so we would want discussions with each community at the right time as to the support they may need from the County Council.