Why are all the Library Drop-in Sessions scheduled during the daytime and not in the evenings?

We have scheduled drop-in sessions at all 48 libraries as part of the consultation process. At each session there are at least three members of staff from Devon County Council available for 2 hours to answer any questions about the proposal for the library or about the consultation in general. Notes are taken from each of the session and will be used as part of the overall feedback process for the consultation.

The vast majority of the drop-in sessions take place during library opening hours. While we accept that some people who wish to attend a drop-in session may not be able to, due to other commitments, we felt that the majority of people who visit libraries during regular opening hours may be able to attend one of these sessions.  To date (as of 20th May), most of the drop in sessions have been very well attended.

In addition to the drop-in sessions, we have provided Town and Parish Councils, as well as all DCC elected members, with information on the library proposals. All organisations are invited to contact their County Councillor or the library service (via librarystrategyfeedback@devon.gov.uk if they are interested in hosting or being part of a local meeting with relevant stakeholders.  A number of meetings with local groups  and town and parish councils have already taken place and many of these have taken place during the evening.  We are also making contact with a range of specific groups, eg people with disabilities, children and young people, to ensure their engagement with the consultation process – this engagement will take place at times convenient to the individuals and groups concerned.

If you feel you have not had the opportunity to provide your feedback through these different mechanisms and would like to do so, please email librarystrategyfeedback@devon.gov.uk and we will endeavour to identify an appropriate opportunity for you to do this.