What are the community pilots?

We will be looking for up to 10 communities to work with the us for the next 12 months as pilots. We want to work in partnership with local communities to enable them to get much more involved and influence and contribute towards their local library. The criteria and scope for the pilots are in the process of being finalised. We are particularly interested in developing community pilots that:

  • Develop bold and innovative approaches towards reducing the costs of libraries without impacting on library staff or opening hours
  • Involve local communities more actively in their local library
  • Increase use of the library
  • Provide a range of local solutions to working with the library service that could be replicated in other communities.

We anticipate that there will be a good spread of pilots across the county and that a variety of different and innovative approaches will be used. The pilots may also help the us shape the new organisation for the whole county.