transport and infrastructure

Information typeKeep forKeep fromLegislation or business reason
School transport – secondary applicationsDuration at secondary schoolCreationService decision
School transport – secondary refusalsTwo yearsCreationService decision
School transport paymentsTwo yearsCreationService decision
School transport benefit evidenceTwo yearsCreationService decision
School transport appealsDuration at school plus one yearCreationService decision
School transport correspondenceReview annuallyCreationService decision
School transport – primary applicationsDuration at primary schoolCreationService decision
School transport – primary refusalsTwo yearsCreationService decision
School transport – post 16 applicationsTwo yearsCreationService decision
School transport – post 16 refusalsTwo yearsCreationService decision
School transport – personalised learning applicationsDuration at establishmentCreationService decision
School transport – correspondence with parentsReview annuallyCreationService decision
Structure designPermanentCreationHighways Standards
Structure constructionPermanentCreationHighways Standards
Engineering quality controlPermanentCreationBritish Standard 9001 Quality Control
Bridge inspectionsPermanentCreationHighways Standards
Bridge designPermanentCreationHighways Standards
Bridge constructionPermanentCreationHighways Standards
Community transport correspondence and minutesAt least 7 years, longer where still relevantCreationBest practice
Community transport – performance and finance7 yearsCreationBest Practice
Community transport grant fundingUntil expiryCreationLocal decision
Bus Service FaresAs long as currentExpiryLocal decision
National bus pass application forms12 monthsPoint of applicationBest practice

Further guidance on additional information types coming soon.