Equipment news

We are pleased to launch our new look website where we will be able to keep you up to date with gadgets, innovations and equipment that we have at our NHS and Devon County assessment centre here in Devon.


Technology Enabled Care (TEC) is constantly evolving with more people using ‘Smart Home’ systems to enable independence at home. We are fortunate in Devon as many of our local telecare call centres have added new technology enabling their traditional alarm systems to be linked to equipment such as linking smoke alarms, fall detectors and door openers. Some centres now offer rental of wander alerts which can give carers peace of mind that the person they care for can have the freedom to access the local community but can be located easily using a map location on their phone. The Pebbell Tracker is one of the simple tracker devices that Home Call Alarm services are using in Devon. See a list of local call centres on our website.

Your own mobile phone or PC can give access to Smart Home Technology and phone apps to monitor care and health needs as well as controlling your environment by adjusting heating, lighting, and even answering the door. The new range of doorbells with a camera mean that you can see and speak to whoever rings the bell, using your phone form wherever you are.

With more people working at home and using their PC for leisure activities we are increasingly asked for information about office seating that is comfortable, supportive and functional. One of our team recently attended training with Ergochair and we have some of their range here for you to try. A wheeled office chair is tricky for getting on and off but some companies make more specialist models with brakes that can be operated from the seat, call us for information about these. We are pleased to have increased our display of computer hardware, including ergonomic and vertical ‘mice’ like the Penguin mouse from Posturite; come and see if it works for you.

Back to basics and talking continence, we have urinals and collection devices here but we can’t find better than the Beambridge unisex draining urinal, connected to a collection bag, handy for women and men to use in bed or chair without the risk of spills. Beambridge also supply a wheelchair cushion with a cut out to assist when using the urinal while seated. We can give advice and information about clothing choices that make urinal use easier.

Call us to discuss clothing  choices to keep cool this summer. Keeping cool at night can be a challenge and the mesh construction of the  Zonesleep overlay is designed to allow air to circulate when in bed, keeping skin cool and dry. We have one here if you want to see it in action.

We hope you find our new website interesting and useful and easy to navigate; we look forward to hearing your feedback.

From the ILC Occupational Therapy Team