Our service

We are here for anyone in Devon who is looking for solutions to maintain independence and mobility at home.

The Independent Living Centre is a free and impartial service where our NHS equipment specialist occupational therapists can:

  • assess your needs
  • help you find solutions and equipment for independence
  • show you how equipment works and give you the opportunity to try it
  • explain how to get equipment to keep you independent
  • direct you to other services in Devon that might be useful to you.

We don’t sell any equipment but we help you identify the right solution for you. The solution might be; a change of technique, equipment or an adaptation from Devon’s loan store or an item of equipment from a local shop or an internet supplier. If you need to buy equipment we can advise you about the equipment where to buy it and how much you should pay.

Our demonstration centre is well equipped for you to try equipment or techniques:

  • To help with eating, drinking and preparing meals.
  • For mobility around your home and in your local community.
  • Work and leisure solutions including office seating and computer hardware.
  • Transfers, positioning and comfort in bed.
  • To enable independence when washing, using the toilet and getting dressed.
  • To keep you safe and in touch with carers when at home or out and about.
  • To have control over the facilities in your home environment.

Get in touch with us for information on visiting times and arrangements.