Consultation 2013 (closed)

The budget

Since 2009 we have managed to reduce our revenue budget by around £14 million.  This has not been easy and savings have been found through reducing our staff, reducing the service we provide in relation to grass cutting, ditching, bridge maintenance and street lighting, moving the cost of structural maintenance to the capital budget and reducing the length of routes treated in winter.

The current revenue budget for the Highway Management Service is £28.75million.  We are looking to reduce this by £6.9 million in 2014/15.  We have a number of options which will allow us to meet this demand but these will have an impact on service delivery.  The cost-saving options are explained in the proposals section of this review and we welcome your views.

We know that there are likely to be further budget reductions in 2015/16 and we will be looking at starting another large consultation in the spring of next year.