Consultation 2013 (closed)

Impact assesment

The highways budget review for 2014/15 is now closed. The responses have been considered and the proposals revised.

Below you will find comments left on this page during the consultation.

We want to fully understand the potential impact of what we do and ensure that our decisions are informed by this information.

Your comments will help us take full account of any concerns and make sure we do not inadvertently affect or disadvantage any particular group or community.

You can see more about our duty here.

Highways budget review impact assessment

4 comments on “Impact assesment

  1. GKING |

    These need to rethought gully cleaning could be undertake far less frquently on most urban estate roads for example ,rural grass cutting cold be reduced more .Parish councils can make the decision if they want improved services in their location and if the for example want to cut grass 10 times a year let them pay for it .Its easy to spend other peoples money
    But functions relating to drainage in rural areas need to be increased as water is a very major factor in causing the road surface to fail

  2. E Chorlton |

    The major part of the budget is not addressed in this assessment namely carriageway repairs and surfacing. I remain concerned that current practice which I am told is waiting until a pothole meets the depth criteria rather than earlier intervention as crazing develops costs the highway authority more than it should. There appears to be no difference between rural roads and those in our towns where there are more pedestrian. Nor do the contractor employed inspectors seem to have any flexibility or local knowledge ( e.g. unsafe weak sand foundations to a road) which should lead to the most economic solution without risk to the public. I suggest these practices need to be reviewed if this has not already happened following their relatively recent introduction.

  3. colin trudgeon |

    Your proposals need to be re-thought as they currently seem to affect the rural population to a far greater extent than tow/city population. The proposed budget feels unfairly targeted at areas which may ordinarily be more self supportive and less complaining, but I suspect their views will become clear in the ballot box. The suggestion that Parish/Town Councils may be able to raise money to replace some of these services is laughable when you propose to cut their budgets as well, imposing a double whammy on rural facilities. Please think again.

  4. M Green |

    This is one of the better council comment sites I have encountered
    Easy to understand and respond