Maintenance hierarchy re-categorisation programme

As some of you may be aware the Highway Asset Management Team are currently undertaking a review of the maintenance categories of the lower class roads in the rural areas. The need for this review is given in the Highway Maintenance Category Reclassification document.

Meetings are being arranged, or have taken place, with either Sindhura Karra or Peter Davies from the Asset Management Team who will visit the Neighbourhood Officer responsible for that Parish and to see if there are any changes that can be made to the maintenance category of the roads within the areas. This will be based on the Guidelines Document. We are currently only undertaking the process as far as the Stage 3 but no engagement by the NHO and the Local member will be required yet.

Of the 62 Neighbourhood Officer areas 6 have been completed with work not started on 33. The remainder are ‘work in progress’. For those Neighbourhood Officers who have gone through the process – thank you; for those who have yet to be contacted please work with us!

Trevor Edwards – Asset Intelligence Senior Officer (Data)