• We haven’t had any news recently…

    We are all aware that our internal communication could be improved, and it is clear to me that the success of communication within our organisation relies on collective efforts to communicate well with each other. In other words, we are all part of the solution. So what is stopping us improving things? Continue reading

  • Publication of completion comments

    Work is continuing to take place to ensure that staff are prepared for the forthcoming publication of completion comments. Communication packs are currently being prepared for managers so that their teams are adequately informed.

    If you would like somebody to attend a forthcoming team meeting to explain the change in more detail please contact Lucy Barrow. Continue reading

  • Local Work Programmes


    Work on identifying, agreeing with local members, and detailing the schemes for the Pothole Action Fund has progressed well and within the programmed deadlines.

    The majority of the routine patching programme has been detailed and planned. Work is now focussing on detailing the ditching and siding programme which will starting in the next few weeks. Continue reading

  • Land Charges

    Since 2011 Land Charges have been creating a digitised version of the land charges scanned image that you can see on Mapbrowser/WIP. The digitised version has been created from the land charges maps, verges/footways data, the property terrier and… Continue reading

  • Parish and Town Council Conferences 2016

    Our annual Parish & Town Council Conferences will take place during November this year. It has also be decided to try a different approach to encourage attendance. We will therefore be holding 4 events at different locations across the County. Venues and dates are being confirmed and further details will be available soon. Continue reading

  • Providing positivity

    Please remember to forward any positive feedback you have to the Customer Relations Team (CRT). It is good to look to the positive parts of our work, and share what we are proud of in what we do, especially when supported by our customers!

    We would also like to encourage… Continue reading

  • PATROL Awards


    Devon County Council was among the local authorities shortlisted at the PATROL PARC Awards (Parking Annual Report Awards by Councils) on the 11th July. PATROL’s annual awards ceremony, this year held at the Houses of Parliament, recognises the local authorities who have published the best reports on their parking services, as part of their civil enforcement reporting. Continue reading