Asset Management Plan

An updated Highway Asset Management Plan is in the process of being drafted, with a view to take it to committee in October 2016. This will be a review of the existing plan and will take on board the latest guidance from the Highway Maintenance Efficiency Programme (HMEP).

By assets we mean the components that make up the highway infrastructure e.g. roads, footways, bridges, street lights etc.

The objectives of a Highway Asset Management Plan are to:

  • Take a long term view using a systematic approach
  • Consider what provides the best return on investment for each asset in the long term
  • Consider at what stage of deterioration we should intervene with maintenance treatment
  • Consider the needs of our highway users in prioritising works

The benefits of this approach are:

  • Knowing what and where are assets are and having a clear understanding of their condition
  • Having a clear method to link our aspirations, goals and objectives with defined levels of service we can achieve
  • An improved ability to understand how limited funding , new technology, customer feedback and community volunteering can be used to best effect
  • Explain clearly to everyone why we do the work we do