Consultation (closed)

Impact assessment

The heritage service consultation is now closed.

Approval to transfer the county’s heritage services to a newly created Heritage Trust has now been given.

We want to fully understand the potential impact of what we do and ensure that our decisions are informed by this information.

Your comments will help us take full account of any concerns and make sure we do not inadvertently affect or disadvantage any particular group or community.

You can see more about our duty here.

Joint heritage service impact assessment.

3 comments on “Impact assessment

  1. Bernard Johnson |

    I live about 22 miles from Exeter & 80 from Barnstaple. However, the North Devon staff provide a friendly service which is not found in Exeter. Consequently, I willing endure the longer journey to have better quality experience in my research. My hope is that the North Devon Records Office remains open as part of any new South West Heritage Trust.

  2. k mason |

    who will protect Devon’s needs? will the big brother Somerset ‘force’ decisions that leave out the little brother Devon? what will happen to the North Devon records office? -I don’t see a lot in the impact assessment that is specific to genealogy
    I totally agree, Fiona: well said
    incidentally, I much preferred working in the N Devon office, not the least being the personalised service from all staff.

  3. Fiona Gibbon |

    I am concerned that in having a joint trust local record offices will suffer. I use North Devon, and as smaller unit it will become even more vulnerable to closure. Also that the specialist local knowledge so essential to local studies will be diffused. For the use that is made both by visits and in person the service seems extremely good value for money.

    Also It is likely that the archive function will suffer, as the legal nature of document keeping for the council will presumable remain, but the deposited documents could become separated from the local history inquiry offices. making research much harder.