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Frequently asked questions

Why are you proposing this change?

We need to make large-scale cuts and, if we do this to Devon Heritage Service as it is currently arranged, there will be a detrimental effect on opening hours, public access, standards of care and staffing levels.

We believe that the trust model represents the best option for sustaining levels of public service. It will enable us to have an on-going relationship with the trust, but with reduced financial dependence.

What are the advantages of this model?

  • The potential for improvements in service delivery and benefits for service users.
  • Access to a larger pool of professional expertise.
  • A larger, more robust and sustainable organisation.
  • A more flexible model of governance.
  • Increased scope for funding applications, fundraising opportunities, tax and business rate exemptions, and attracting donations and bequests.
  • Increased opportunity for joint projects and partnerships with the private sector through business sponsorship.
  • A clearer relationship with a wider range of communities and stakeholders.
  • Increased scope for efficiency savings and economies of scale.

Why can’t Devon create its own trust?

Experience shows that for an organisation to be successful it needs to be of a certain size. Devon Heritage Service is too small to operate as a workable trust on its own.

What will happen to Devon’s heritage collections if a joint trust is established?

Both county councils will maintain the ownership of their collections and the collections will remain at their own heritage centres.

Both councils will also retain statutory responsibility to manage their collections, but this will be carried out on their behalf by the new trust through a service agreement.

How will the joint trust be funded?

The model anticipates a five year funding arrangement between the trust and the county councils. As the trust establishes itself, it will be able to secure a greater proportion of its funding through fundraising, donations and marketing opportunities.