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Topsham parking

This Consultation has now closed.

Topsham is a historic town that attracts a high number of visitors to its picturesque location, and local small businesses. The town centre contains narrow streets and dense housing, which add to the character and charm of the town. However, this means that a high number of residents, workers, and visitors compete for limited parking spaces available. Parking management can help to redistribute the available parking space to the various users, and reduce congestion in residential areas.

In 2010, a consultation took place to introduce Pay and Display within some areas of Topsham. The proposal put forward at the time was rejected by the community and did not progress. However, there was a lot of feedback from residents indicating that consideration could not be given to Pay and Display without there being a Residents Parking Scheme introduced at the same time.


The objectives of the plan are to:
• Free up as much on-street parking as possible to benefit residents.
• Encourage a faster turnover of on-street parking to benefit businesses.
• Enable enforcement to be undertaken efficiently.
• Encourage longer term visitors to use off-street car parks.


The proposals have been developed from local community suggestions as how to best redistribute the available parking.

Residents Parking is being proposed for a number of streets. This will remove the shopper and worker parking from these residential areas, allowing residents the opportunity to park in the vicinity of their homes.

Pay and Display, with Exemption for Resident Permit Holders, are being proposed in those streets where there is a large demand for on- street non-residential parking. This will be priced as to encourage commuters and worker to use the off-street car parks as an alternative. Resident permit holders are exempt from the charges and there would be time limits in these bays.

Short Stay Pay and Display is proposed along Fore Street which will incorporate a free element to allow a ‘Pop and Shop’ facility. The Pay and Display will allow this area to be easily enforced and will encourage turnover of the bays allowing shoppers easier access to the shops.

A review of existing yellow line restrictions has taken place with the aim of reducing these where possible to free up extra parking capacity.

Availability and Use of Permits

It is proposed that permit holders will be able to park without charge or time limit at some of the Pay and Display within the area of the scheme. However, this exemption will not apply to the short stay Pay and Display proposed on Fore Street and outside the library on Nelson Close. However, the free 30 minutes parking at these locations will allow residents to visit local shops without charge.

More details are available in the information leaflet

Overall Concept Plan

Concept Plan (drawing TOTPTMP/001/01) for the Town. Each road or section of road has been designated to have a particular function e.g. Residents Parking, Pay and Display or No Waiting At Any Time (Double Yellow Lines). The exact details of the restrictions and their boundaries will be developed if the scheme is progressed.

Pay and Display

It is proposed on Fore Street and Nelson Close to introduce short-stay Pay and Display. This would have a free 30min stay at the start, but a ticket must be displayed. The proposed maximum stay is 1 hour. There would be no exemption for resident permit holders in these bays.

It is proposed that on High Street and Follett Road a 4 hour maximum stay is permitted. This will allow people to stay for a longer periods than on Fore Street, but will encourage the bays to turn over. There will be an exemption for resident permit holders in these bays.

On Holman Way, Tappers Close and Ferry Road it is proposed to introduce an all-day Pay and Display tariff. It will be priced as to encourage commuters to use the car parks, but will allow for extra all day capacity should the car parks be full. There will be an exemption for resident permit holders in these bays.

Residents Parking

It is proposed that a number of streets be designated as Residents Parking only. It is proposed to use a zonal restriction. This means that there will be signs installed at the start of the zone and repeater signs within the zone, but that there will not be any marked bays. Experience has told us that when we mark bays for residents parking we tend to reduce the available parking space for residents, as we have to mark bays to a certain size. By using a zonal restriction the residents have more control over where they feel it is appropriate to park. Any other restrictions such as yellow line marking within the zone have to be obeyed by permit holders.

Eligible Properties Drawing

Proposed Boundary of Properties eligible for Residents Parking Permits (drawing TOPTMP/001/02). Any comments on the extents of the boundary should be put on the back of the questionnaire form.

Other Proposals

The other drawings on display show specific areas where changes to the existing restrictions have been requested. These requests have come from the local community. Some plans show additional restrictions proposed to remove obstructive or inconsiderate parking and improve safety. Some plans show the removal of restrictions, particularly double yellow lines, to create additional parking availability.

The streets with other proposals are listed below
• Elm Grove Road
• Ferry Road
• Fore Street
• Globefield
• Grove Hill
• High Street
• Holman Way
• Nelson Close
• North Street
• Pound Lane and Pound Close
• Tappers Close


We want you to give us feedback on these proposals to ensure that we provide a scheme that is most suitable for the area. You can do this online or you can download the comments form and return it to the address on the form. The draft parking proposals will also be on display at Topsham RFC, Exeter Road on

Tuesday 19th January 11.30am – 4.30pm and

Monday 1st February 2.30pm – 6.30pm

Officers from Devon County Council will be on-hand at these public exhibitions to answer any questions. You will be able to provide feedback at the exhibitions to ensure that we can provide a scheme that is most suitable for your area. Both exhibitions will display the same information.

What Happens Next?

Comments from the exhibition will be summarised. If appropriate, the scheme will then be amended and it will be presented to members for authorisation to formally advertise the proposals. Formal advertising of the proposals, on street and in the local press, will allow anyone to submit a formal comment or objection.

Correspondence is recorded by the County Council and significant objections will be reported to the Exeter Highways and Traffic Orders Committee (HATOC). At the meeting, Councillors will decide how to progress with the scheme.






Contact information: Address: Traffic Orders & Policy Team, Lucombe House, County Hall, Topsham Road, Exeter, EX2 4QD