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Public Health Nursing

0-19 Public Health Nursing

0-19 Public Health Nursing (health visitors, school nurses and the National Child Measurement Programme), currently part of the Integrated Children’s Services contract, needs a new contract as the current one ends in March 2018. Legal requirements mean that the current contract cannot be extended, so a new contract needs to be put in place. We aim to maintain the service in line with reductions to the Public Health Grant by using new, more efficient technologies and through robust contract management. 0-19 Public Health Nursing is a mandated (legally required) service, paid for by the County Council, and is currently delivered by Virgin Care Limited.

This consultation is considering the options for delivery of 0-19 Public Health Nursing in Devon. We are seeking to continue using the current National Specification for Public Health Nursing Services 0-19 for delivery, so there should be little, if any, change to the service the public receives. However, we are looking at different options on how to do this and welcome views on these.


We are considering the following options:

Option 1 – Interim one-year contract

We would aim to negotiate a 12 month interim contract for the provision of children’s services to allow for a full procurement of Integrated Children’s Services, including 0-19 Public Health Nursing, to start April 2019.

Option 2 – Procurement of long-term contract

We would proceed with an independent procurement of 0-19 Public Health Nursing services.

Option 3 – Bring management of service in house

We would transfer the 0-19 Public Health Nursing Services to Devon County Council from 1st April 2018, until strategic discussions on the configuration of Children’s Services have been completed and decision made on future commissioning/provision arrangements.

Before completing the questionnaire, please read the background papers.

These are important because they contain the Impact Assessment, which includes consideration of equality issues as required by law under the Equality Act 2010 and the Risk Assessment carried out by Public Health for each of the options.

Consultation results:
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