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Adult Social Care Survey 2017

Notification – 2017 Adult Social Care Survey questionnaires will be posted out to clients the week beginning Monday 16 January.

We are running the statutory Adult Social Care Survey in January. We are letting you know about the survey because it is being sent to 1,300 people who use our social care services, and you may get asked about it by a friend or relative receiving a survey. Only those receiving our services and eligible can take part.

The questionnaire is available in several different formats, including an illustrated questionnaire for people with learning disabilities. Carers, family, and friends can help service users to complete the survey. It can also be conducted over the phone by ringing Care Direct’s exclusive number 0345 155 1012.

Care home managers will be notified at the beginning of January of those residents who will receive a questionnaire. If you have a query, please contact Social Care Survey Helpline on 0345 155 1012 (operated by Care Direct).

Contact information: Phone: 0345 155 1012