Engaging Devon – Strategy

5. How do we engage?

There are four types of engagement or involvement which we may adopt:

  • Informing
  • Consulting
  • Participation
  • Co-production

The ‘wheel of involvement’ demonstrates that we place equal value on each type.

Wheel of Involvement - Informing: One way flow of information, Consulting: Two-way flow of information, Participation: Two-way discussion resulting in direct influence, Co-production: Working together to make decisions

We recognise that one size does not fit all, and we will use different methods of engagement to meet different needs. We also recognise that some types of engagement will work better in certain situations, activities, or groups.

We will use appropriate ways of engaging with people, which may include:

  • posters and leaflets
  • complaints and suggestion schemes
  • referenda, surveys and questionnaires
  • information events
  • exhibitions
  • media – including social media
  • focus groups, user reference groups and scrutiny groups
  • public meetings and citizens’ panels
  • community plan/needs analysis
  • interviews and polls
  • co-production workshops
  • participatory and stakeholder events.

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