Understanding what people really want / need


We want to understand what people really want and need. We think we can do this through better dialogue, and better information and insight into what the people of Devon value, recognising that people and communities are unique.

We’d love to hear what you think…

We are going to use the following proposals to test our thinking – sign up now to get involved.


1.1. Better Use of Information and Dialogue

Pilot a customer engagement model for better use of information and dialogue in order to understand, target and influence customers using ‘promoting independence’ as an area for focus [more information]


1.2. Understanding our communities, their behaviours and characteristics

Create a DCC ‘Nudge Team’ to look at really understanding our communities, their behaviours and characteristics, including using social media as a better route to understand expectations; and exploring how we can use communication to change our own, and our citizens’ expectations and behaviours [more information]