Phase 2 – The Findings

The culmination of the work of the Focus Groups resulted  in:

A Vision for a New Devon County Council


We will understand what people really want and need through better dialogue, better information and insight into what the people of Devon value, recognising that people and communities are unique.

We will design for outcomes based on our understanding and insight, starting with our customers, not what we already do. We will work in collaboration with our customers, communities, and partners creating positive relationships and networks (co-producing solutions, and helping individuals and communities to help themselves).

We will focus on prevention when designing for outcomes.

We will invest and source money innovatively and collaboratively based on evidence and sound financial planning.

We will be open, flexible, agile and responsive; embracing change and new ways of working. We will generate and seize new opportunities; be prepared to venture into the unknown, and create a climate that inspires transformation. We will develop new skills and capability, and learn, discover and explore through experience.

We will lead, empower and trust our staff. We will be clear about our purpose and values, and give a clear sense of direction to the people of Devon and the people who work for Devon County Council.


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