Open, Flexible, Agile and Reponsive


We want to be open, flexible, agile and responsive, embracing change and new ways of working. We want to switch easily between different roles; and want to remove barriers and obstacles so that across the organisation everyone can get involved and challenge the status quo. We want to generate and seize new opportunities and markets; be prepared to venture into the unknown, and create a digital climate that inspires transformation. We want to develop new skills and capability, and learn, discover and explore through experience.


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5.1 Open Data

Work with one or more groups of citizens, supporting them to access and manage information to improve their lives, find their own solutions, and challenge their public services.


5.2 Open Systems

Conduct a pilot exercise with a group of frontline staff to explore how they work across partnerships to provide an integrated customer focus, the barriers to information sharing, legal constraints and other issues. Also at the “customer journey” i.e. how does it feel to experience fragmented service delivery?


5.3 Encourage Creativity and Innovation

Give time, space and encouragement to develop and implement new ideas.