Leading, Empowering and Trusting

We want clear leadership, true empowerment and trust for our staff, our partners, and our communities. We want to be clear about our purpose and values, and give a clear sense of direction to the people of Devon and the people who work for Devon County Council.

We would love to hear what you think…

We are going to use the following proposals to test our thinking – sign up now to get involved.

6.1 A flexible workforce

Work with a group of DCC and (possibly) partner staff to pilot “bring your own device” [more information]

6.2 Purpose, Values and Behaviours

Set up a task and finish group to explore a new purpose, values and behaviours for the organisation [more information]

6.3 Skills for the Future

Explore how we can develop, train and recruit to the skills required in the new world – commissioning, negotiation, contract management, investment and financial management. Develop a prototype skills audit to review roles, expertise, skills and responsibilities [more information]

6.4 Review Current Practices and Policies to reflect the Future

e.g. clear paths of development:  separating technical expertise from responsibility for staff / budgets; job evaluation (whether it reflects the skills, values and behaviours essential for the new organisation); and appraisal process [more information]