Future Landscape – Taking the initiative, looking ahead, and challenging the way we do business.

Devon County Council’s response to unprecedented levels of change and financial pressure has been strong and effective, but we know that we now face funding and demand pressure of an order that could stretch our current operating model to breaking point. Further and more fundamental systemic change is needed if we are to cope with the next four years and, most importantly, to ensure Devon’s citizens and communities are well served into the future. We need to review both our role and function, and our relationship with our citizens and communities.

It is against that background that we embarked upon our innovative Future Landscape process, which is already having a positive impact on plans and strategies and has built a strong platform for radical change.

In June 2012, Devon County Council launched the Future Landscape process – a chance to radically review and challenge the way we provide services in Devon. 

Volunteers and nominations were sought from across the organisation to join six multi-disciplined Focus Groups established to consider the opportunities and challenges around:

        • Our customers
        • How we commission
        • How we spend money
        • How we manage demand
        • Our people
        • How our systems support our work

Each group comprised a diagonal cross-section of the organisation and each person had an equal voice around the table (no reference was made to job titles, grades or hierarchy).

At the heart of the future landscape process was openness to ideas – the groups were encouraged to explore the issues as they saw fit. From the outset it was clear that this was an open, supportive environment where ideas were welcomed and voices were heard.