Fund title: Trusted Relationships Fund

Focus of fund/fund aims:

To improve support to young people (aged 10-17) at risk of exploitation and abuse

Application deadline:

Expressions of Interest by 13 April 2018

Fund description:

The Home Office has launched a £13 million fund to help youth workers, police, nurses and other professionals form close, protective relationships with children and young people at risk of sexual exploitation, county lines gang crime or relationship abuse.

The Trusted Relationships Fund is inviting local authorities to apply for funding to run projects aimed at fostering relationships between frontline staff and at-risk children. Through the fund, local authorities are encouraged to work with local partners to improve the way professionals work together to support vulnerable young people.

Projects could include establishing safe spaces, providing specialist counselling services, delivering positive activities, improving the way local organisations work together and working with children who repeatedly go missing.

Further information: