Fund title: Tree Council: tree planting grants

Focus of fund/fund aims:

Small grants towards the costs of planting trees in school grounds and community spaces.

Application deadline:

31 March 2017

Fund description:

The Tree Council offers three small grants schemes to assist with the costs of community tree-planting projects:

  • Community Trees Fund – for tree-planting projects in community grounds
  • Trees for Schools – for tree-planting projects in school grounds
  • Orchard Windfalls Fund – for projects to plant apple or pear trees to create an orchard on land accessible to the public.

Projects with total tree planting costs between £100 and £700 are eligible and grants can be made up to 75% of total costs. There is detailed guidance about planting and maintenance requirements on the Tree Council website (see below). Planting should take place in National Tree Week (25 November to 3 December 2017).

Further information: