Fund title: Theatres Trust

Focus of fund/fund aims:

Capital grants for theatres including the 2018 theme of ‘improving accessibility’

Application deadline:

21 May 2018 (Small Grants) 13 September 2018 (Improving Accessibility)

Fund description:

The Theatres Trust is the national advisory body for theatres. It offers advice and resources for all aspects of running a theatre and runs grant schemes that address improvements and urgent repairs to theatre buildings.

Charitable and not-for-profit theatres in Devon can apply for funds from two of the grant schemes:

UK Theatres Small Grants Scheme – Up to £5,000 for capital projects

Theatre Improvement Scheme – Up to £20,000 for capital projects. The fund will run for three years with a specific theme for each year. In 2018, the theme is Improving Accessibility: funding will be awarded to projects which make their theatre more accessible through changes to the building or its systems.

Theatres need to demonstrate that they run a regular theatre programme with at least 30 performances a year.

Further information: