Fund title: The Fore

Focus of fund/fund aims:

Development funding and strategic support for early-stage charities and social enterprises

Application deadline:

29 August 2017 (For organisations which have successfully registered after 24 July)

Fund description:

The Fore will fund small registered charities, social enterprises and community interest companies in the UK. Grants can be up to £30,000 and are intended to help organisations develop or do something new. Applicants need to explain what difference the funding will make and what it will enable the organisation to achieve.

In addition to grants, successful applicants receive ongoing mentoring, strategic advice, governance support or other assistance.

To apply for funding, organisations must register at the start of each funding round. Numbers for each round are capped: registration is run on a first-come, first-serve basis and once the cap is reached, the round is closed, it is therefore important to register early. Registration for the Autumn 2017 round opens on 24 July.

Further information: