Fund title: Stelios Award for Disabled Entrepreneurs

Focus of fund/fund aims:

Financial award scheme for disabled entrepreneurs

Application deadline:

6 October 2017

Fund description:

The Stelios Award aims to support disabled entrepreneurs as well as raising awareness of the skills and inventiveness of those with disabilities.

There is a total prize fund of £70,000, with a top prize of £30,000 to the overall winner and four prizes of £10,000 to four other finalists.

Entrepreneurs who started their companies in the UK in the last 7 years (2010 or later) can apply. This year the award is open to all forms of entrepreneurship (including pre-revenue start-ups).

All forms of entrepreneurial activities even without a registered company would qualify and this year people planning to start a business activity (even with just business plans at the pre-revenue stage) are welcome to apply.

The applicant must be registered with a disability and own at least half of the business.

Further information: