Fund title: New Plastics Economy: Circular Materials Challenge

Focus of fund/fund aims:

A challenge to innovators to come up with ways to make all plastic packaging recyclable

Application deadline:

20 October 2017

Fund description:

The $1million Circular Materials Challenge invites innovators, designers, scientists and entrepreneurs to find alternatives to non-recyclable plastics.

Winners will receive $200,000 and exclusive access to a 12-month acceleration programme, with the opportunity to receive mentoring and support from New Plastics Economy participant organisations, to advance their innovations and demonstrate that their materials have the potential to be a viable alternative to non-recyclable multi-material laminated packaging.

There is a webinar to provide more information on 27 June and applications need to be submitted by 20 October 2017.

The New Plastics Economy is also running a Circular Design Challenge to address the question “How can we get products to people without generating plastic waste?” The phased process for involvement in this challenge has already started with the research phase coming to an end in mid June.

Further information: