Fund title: Natural Flood Management Competition

Focus of fund/fund aims:

Small-scale natural flood management projects

Application deadline:

19 May 2017

Fund description:

Innovative projects that plan to use landscape features such as ponds, banks, meanders, channels and trees to store, drain or slow flood water could be eligible for funding from the new Natural Flood Management Competition.

Projects will need to demonstrate how they will meet the following criteria:

  •  reduce flood risk, or coastal erosion, to homes
  • improve habitats and increase biodiversity
  • contribute to research and development of NFM techniques and interventions
  • support and develop partnerships working with and between communities

 Applications can be made for up to £50,000 and should be submitted through existing Catchment Partnerships. Projects that require more than £50,000 in funding will need to find additional contributions from partners.

Further information: