Fund title: MSE Charity

Focus of fund/fund aims:

To support UK charities and voluntary groups to deliver financial life-skills to people in challenging circumstances

Application deadline:

Children, youth & familes: 3 March 2017. Life-changing transitions: 29 September 2017

Fund description:

Small grants are available from the MSE (Money Saving Expert) Charity for projects that assist people to improve their quality of life through knowledge and understanding of how to manage and take control of their own financial situation. They must include an element of education/improving financial literacy.

The charity has adopted a themed approach and will accept applications for funding under each of its four themes during the specified application windows:

  • Raising the Next Generation: children, youth, and families, including migrants, lone parents, NEETs (open February – March 2017)
  • Life Changing Transitions:  bereavement, redundancy, retirement, relationship breakdown, homelessness, offenders and resettlement (open September 2017)
  • Living with Long Term Challenges: dementia, autism, learning difficulties, disabilities, caring responsibilities, mental illness, brain injury, stroke (not open to applications this year)
  • Building and Developing Resilience: mental health, wellbeing, cook well for less, independent living skills (not open to applications this year)

Most grants will be for less than £5,000. Small to medium-sized non-profit organisations with a constitution can apply. This includes UK registered charities, community interest companies, social enterprises and credit unions.

Further information: