Fund title: Low Carbon Heating/ Thermal Efficiency in existing buildings

Focus of fund/fund aims:

To develop innovative ways of providing low carbon heating and improving energy efficiency in existing buildings

Application deadline:

2 January 2018

Fund description:

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has launched calls for innovative proposals to provide low carbon heating and improve energy efficiency in existing buildings. Private-sector organisations (including SMEs), universities, public-sector research organisations and partnerships can apply for grants up to £2m:

Low Carbon Heating Technology Innovation Fund

This fund supports proposals for innovative technologies and processes to produce better ways of providing low carbon heat in existing buildings – as long as the selected innovations are not yet widely used commercially.

Proposals can be for low carbon heating systems which provide space and/or water heating in any type of existing UK building. The funding can be used for gas-driven or electrical systems or gas/electric hybrids as well as renewable systems, particularly solar thermal, but some technologies (eg. biomass) are not in scope.

Building Thermal Efficiency Innovation Fund

Capital grants for proposals that enable the installation of existing or new measures in buildings with solid walls or buildings that have previously been difficult / expensive to treat. All forms of insulation including insulation of roofs, walls, floors, and ‘whole building’ approaches are in-scope.


Further information: