Fund title: Horizon 2020: new opportunities

Focus of fund/fund aims:

new and forthcoming opportunities to apply for EU Horizon 2020 funding for research and innovation

Application deadline:

various - see below

Fund description:

Horizon 2020 is the EU funding programme for research and innovation. To find out more about Horizon 2020 refer to our DFN Overview of Horizon 2020.

Opportunities to apply for funding from Horizon 2020 in 2016/17 have now been published in a new batch of work programmes, covering all three Horizon 2020 main themes:

  • Excellent science – funding for scientific research and investment in world-class research infrastructure
  • Industrial leadership – for industry-led research and innovation
  • Societal challenges – developing innovative solutions to modern-day issues across 7 ‘challenges’

The following gives a flavour of the opportunities for funding in 2016/17 through the societal challenges theme:

Health, democratic change & wellbeing
including: promoting mental health and wellbeing in the young; e-health innovation in empowering the patient; big data supporting public health policies; healthcare workforce IT skills.

Secure, clean & efficient energy
including: heating and cooling systems; engaging consumers towards energy efficiency; energy in buildings; public procurement of innovative solutions for energy efficiency.

Climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials
including: climate services; water research & innovation activities; cultural heritage as a driver for sustainable growth – heritage-led urban regeneration (2016) and heritage-led rural regeneration (2017)

Secure societies
including: protecting critical infrastructure; integrated tools for disaster resilience; fight against crime and terrorism; border security

Smart, green and integrated transport
including: aviation; waterborne transport; urban mobility; transport safety; logistics; intelligent transport systems; green vehicles

Inclusive societies
including: demand-driven collaborative innovation; co-creation of integrated public services; joining up public services using the “once-only” principle; tackling inequality; cultural heritage of European coastal regions; research on changes in public administration and the move towards collaborative government.

Food security, sustainable agriculture and forestry
including: crop production; increasing the competitiveness of the organic sector; animal health; smart fisheries; developing resilient and sustainable agricultural systems; innovative solutions for sustainable food packaging; tackling childhood obesity

Horizon 2020 is looking for large-scale, international projects but there is scope for a whole range of partners from every sector to be involved. The important thing to bear in mind is that the funding is intended to help find solutions that will have a lasting impact at EU-level.

The 2016/17 work programmes can be downloaded from the Horizon 2020 Sections website.

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