Fund title: GSK Impact Awards

Focus of fund/fund aims:

To recognise the work of registered charities which are doing excellent work to improve people’s health

Application deadline:

22 September 2017

Fund description:

The GSK Impact Awards are designed to recognise and reward charities that are doing excellent work to improve people’s health. Applicants must target community health needs in the UK – the judges will be looking for evidence of innovation, good management, partnership, achievement, community focus and ensuring that services are accessible to and focus on people in need. The assessment will focus on the work of the whole organisation rather than being about a particular project.

Up to ten winners will receive £30,000 unrestricted funding and other benefits with one overall winner receiving an extra £10,000. There are also cash prizes for up to ten runners-up.

The success of the awards in previous years has led to the introduction of a new Cascading Leadership programme to improve access to support and development opportunities for charity and voluntary sector leaders. There are 80 places initially available on the programme, which is free to attend and managed by The King’s Fund. Charities applying for places, worth up to an estimated £3,000, must show how their work improves health and wellbeing.


Further information: