Fund title: Future High Streets Fund

Focus of fund/fund aims:

The Future High Streets Fund is expected to contribute up to £25 million per local area for projects which regenerate high streets through investment in physical infrastructure.

Application deadline:


Fund description:

A new Future High Streets Fund has been announced by government to support local areas to prepare long-term strategies for their high streets and town centres.

The fund will provide investment in physical infrastructure, including improving access, regenerating heritage high streets, using under-used retail units for housing and workspace and supporting new housing and workspace.

There will also be funding for regenerating heritage high streets – to restore historic high street properties and to put historic buildings back into economic use, for example as residential buildings, new work spaces or cultural venues.

Local areas will be invited to provide proposals setting out the overall vision that they wish to achieve for their high street and town or city centre and specific improvements that would contribute to that overall vision. There will be a competition for funding of up to £25m per local area.

The full prospectus will be published later this year and expressions of interest will be invited in Spring 2019.

Further information: